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How to do Preliminary Analysis of Spacecraft Primary Structure?

I'm looking for specifics as to how preliminary analysis on spacecraft primary structure is performed (prior to CLA). I understand LV providers include CG load factors in their user manuals, but how ...
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How to Analyze and Size Spacecraft Structures: Loads Development & Structural Dynamics

Hello, I'm a mechanical/aerospace design engineer trying to expand into structural analysis. What I'm looking for: A guide or summary as to 1) how spacecraft design loads are determined, and 2) how ...
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Python: Satellite and/or payload class

I am very familiar with the python package poliastro and am wondering if there are any Python packages out there that have a "satellite" type class already? My thought is if someone wants to ...'s user avatar
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Is there any website where we can view live orbit of all satellites to scale?

As the question says, Is there any website or app which has a graphical view of all satellites which are currently in orbit with sizes to scale. An option to view in fast forward is appreciated.
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How did ESA blast an atomic force microscope off the Earth, deploy it in deep space, capture tiny particles from a comet and position them 'under' it?

Answers to Is there, or has there ever been anything remotely like an electron microscope in space? show that there has indeed been one (as do answer(s) to Microscopes in space?), but mostly electron ...
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What does the connector supports on the payload adapter do?

Good day, I am currently doing a project for university in which I have to redesign the connector support for the Payload Adapter (PLA 1194 VG) for the Vega(picture shown). I would like some ...
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Fast Methods for analyzing large scale Walker constellations

I have been doing some research and with the growing scale of large number of small sats and I am trying to see if there has been work done to study the coverage capability for these constellations. ...
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Rainbow Space Probe?

Can a probe be sent out to shine a white laser through the atmosphere of a planet to measure a rainbow spectrum to determine composition, temperature, density etc.? Water drops refracts about at a ...
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How did Russian Scientist analyse the data from Sputnik 1?

I could not find any information about the process of extracting and interpreting data from Sputnik 1, or the involvement of computers in the data analysis of that information. Does anyone have info ...
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How to identify loads for a Payload Adapter System during Rocket Launch?

Good afternoon, A classmate and me are doing a project for university in which I have to perform several structural analysis of the Payload Adaptar System 937C from Ariane V (picture shown). The ...
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Atmospheric Entry Simulation: Numerical Inaccuracy

I am trying to make an atmospheric entry/aero-assist simulation. For the propagator, I have used conventional equations of motions in planet fixed reference frame: where the scalar states are- ...
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Is there any flutter analysis available regarding Falcon's grid fins?

I have never come across any papers which talks about flutter analysis of gridded fins in general, does it not under go flutter behavior or is it technically incorrect to talk about flutter for ...
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Can Zachman framework be used to find out reason of Columbia space shuttle disaster?

It is somewhat hard to fill in the table without knowing the exact details beside what I can gather up from wiki that the incident was mainly attributed to damage to lift wing of shuttle going ...
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What payloads and launch speeds could a sling launcher get using modern materials on the Moon?

The only reference paper I have found on this subject is this paper by Landis, which is a great introduction to sling launchers - but the concept has been around for some time and there must be other ...
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Are we using software to analyze our telescope data? [closed]

It seems like to me all our analysis of stars and planets could be automated. A computer looks through the data for anomalies and then performs additional observations for that area and then outputs a ...
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What sort of analysis was performed before "modern" computing and the invention of finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics?

I am not sure if this question is appropriate for this SE - Ideally this should be posted in Engineering SE but as far as I'm aware it does not exist! (I can only assume that the scope of engineering ...
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Economical Suborbital Trajectory Analysis Software

Got my two LR-101's, found some reasonably sized surplus LOX/RP-1 and pressurization tanks, found plans for fabricating valves, designed my vehicle, made an excel based back of the envelope sizing ...
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LEO metric to determine the ground track of a satellite

I'm trying to correlate a behavior on LEO satellites with the position it is over the Earth. The behavior takes place over a period of time. I'm trying to come up with a metric that will identify ...
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