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Questions tagged [antimatter]

Questions regarding the use of antimatter, typically as a fuel for speculative high-performance engines.

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In Zero G, can excess heat be used propel a spaceship forward?

In Zero G, can excess heat be used propel a spaceship forward? I was looking for a similar answers online, and have bounced around a few places, I found this question, and it's responses thread useful ...
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What color would the exhaust of an antimatter rocket be?

For the purpose of this question assume that the problems associated with antimatter drives have been solved. Let's say my spaceship is using a Matter-Antimatter rocket that reacts Antihydrogen with ...
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Solid Core Antimatter Engines: Do they have a point?

On the graph discussed in this question, I was surprised to see "antimatter" listed as one of the engine types... with a disappointing performance equal to solid-core nuclear thermal rockets....
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Science Contest Topic (space exploration)

I'm thinking of entering the Breakthrough Junior Challenge. It is a global science video contest in which participants have to explain a hard science/math topic in a 3 min video. Right now I'm ...
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What kind of antimatter engine is this?

I found this diagram while looking up diamagnetic machines. Could anyone explain what engine this is?
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Can we hit speed of light using Antimatter?

if we use Antimatter as method of propulsion is it possible to reach speed of light ?
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Is antimatter feasable?

I've seen the company Positron Dynamics claim they have a potential solution to interstellar travel through their proposed antimatter propulsion system. More often then not these advanced propulsion ...
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What would be the dangers of matter/antimatter annihilation propulsion, and what can be done about them?

If a spacecraft was designed to propel itself using the annihilation of matter and antimatter, what potential dangers would this create and how could they be circumvented or at least prepared for? ...
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Antimatter fuel compartment

Antimatter is theoretically an excellent fuel, providing large thrust/mass ratio and very efficient energy transfer. Therefore, we wouldn't need to use a lot of it to achieve similar thrusts that ...
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What is our ability to capture or reflect photons with a wavelength of $2.5×10^{-12}$ meters?

Can we efficiently reflect or capture photons of that wavelength? More precisely, $ 2.426×10^{-12} $ meters, or $ 1.236 × 10^{20} Hz$ Preferably reflect, but capture followed by re-emission as ...
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Recent advances in anti-matter generation

I was excited to read several articles about experiments generating anti-matter (production from gold or helium) at what seemed like a rather low energy cost. I thought anti-matter generation was the ...
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Collecting antimatter from Van Allen radiation belts

I just read an article by John P. Millis, Ph.D which says that antimatter is created in the Van Allen radiation belts. I am writing a novel where a future starship with FTL capability, powered by a ...
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Shielding requirements for Antimatter drive

I am currently reading the heritage trilogy by William H. Keith, Jr, and one piece of technology got my attention. In these books, the advanced nations of the mid-21st century use thermal anti-matter ...
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Can the Van Allen radiation belts serve any useful functions for space flight?

Most discussions of the Van Allen radiation belts focus on the necessity to shield sensitive electronics and biomass from radiation hazards. But are there any possible uses for this cache of highly ...
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Could antimatter be used for spacecraft propulsion?

I have heard that antimatter has been produced and collected in the Large Hadron Collider and that it reacts violently with matter. Could this be used as a method of propulsion and if so what would be ...
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