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Objects that have been on the Moon multiple times

I'm reading Gene Cernan's The Last Man on the Moon and he mentioned that the flag they erected at Apollo 17's landing site had been to the Moon before: it was taken to the Moon by Apollo 11, then hung ...
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How (the heck) was coherent synthetic aperture radar (SAR) implemented using photographic emulsion aboard Apollo 17?

This answer to Is there really microfilm on the Moon? includes a block quote which includes the following subquote: The equipment was installed in the service module and consisted of a coherent ...
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2 answers

Were the Apollo broadcasts recorded locally on the LM?

I've previously asked about how the recordings from the Apollo missions were originally recorded, and then transcribed; but I forgot about the video as well! It's well known that for some of the ...
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Why is there no video of the first steps of Apollo 16 and 17?

In doing research in to the first words said on the surface of the various Apollo astronauts, I found there was no video of Apollo 16 and 17, at least until they had been on the surface for a while. ...
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How were the "dust recepticles" installed on the Apollo 17 LM floor?

This answer quotes Apollo Program Summary Report and includes the sentence: During the Apollo 17 mission, dust on the lunar module floor was swept into floor receptacles which were sealed before ...
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Is it the Apollo CM "flowerpot parachute attachment fitting"?

An Apollo 17 recovery image of the top of the CM, ap17-S72-55888 from ALSJ. What is the structure inside the red polygon (drawn by me)? Is it the "flowerpot parachute attachment fitting"? ...
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Does anyone know the source of this video?

I would like to know the source of this video? I cannot find it on youtube, but I think it's from the Apollo 17 launch (because it's night). Any ideas? Is my Apollo 17 guess correct? This is the video:...
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