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Questions regarding the Apollo-Soyuz Test Program, a joint effort between Russia and the United States.

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Why was the APAS docking system developed?

The APAS docking system was first used on the Apollo Soyuz Test Project mission. Both parties (US and USSR) already had developed and used docking mechanisms by then. Is there any truth to the claim (...
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Soyuz 16 ASTP rehearsal for Apollo Soyuz - Diagram required

I recall that I saw a diagram of Soyuz 16 (the full ASTP rehearsal performed by Filiptchenko and Rukavishinikov in late 1974) made by Schliadinsky in a magazine. It featured the docking ring simulator....
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Have two individual ships been docked directly since Apollo-Soyuz?

During the Apollo-Soyuz test program, the Russians and Americans worked together on missions - and one big objective was to dock Apollo and Soyuz craft together. Afterward, however, there seem to be ...
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