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Questions tagged [ares-v]

A rocket designed for the Constellation program, which was cancelled in 2010. It was a LH2/LOX system with 2 SRBs, with a planned capacity of 188 metric tons to LEO.

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What is the propellant tank weight or weight ratio on dry weight of liquid propellant rocket engine?

I need propellant tank ( or oxidizer tank)'s dry weight- without propellant and engine mass. For example ARES-V's dry mass at earth departure stage is 21,795 kg, What percent of this is tanks' dry ...
15 votes
3 answers

What are the differences between SLS and Ares V?

SLS is to a large degree a continuation of the canceled Ares V, basically the STS without the orbiter. But what changes in design were made from Ares V to SLS? What were the reasons for those changes? ...
6 votes
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Couldn't the shuttle orbiter be replaced with a cargo bay, instead of creating the SLS?

Are there any technical reasons for not simply continuing the space shuttle production, except for replacing the orbiter with a pretty simple cargo bay (a payload fairing)? Like the Russians planned ...