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Launched on Nov 16, 2022 on the maiden flight of the Space Launch System, Artemis 1 was the first mission of the Artemis Program, which aims to land humans on the Moon. This mission orbited an unmanned Orion craft to the moon and returned safely. Questions can pertain to any aspect of the mission. Use with the [sls], [orion-spacecraft], [the-moon] and [artemis-program] tags as needed.

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Orion ESM jettison imagery

The Orion, among others, had a camera inside the CMA (Crew Module Adapter) looking up at the heat shield to image the separation of the ESM (European Service Module). Has any footage or imagery from ...
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Why does the ICPS carry extra hydrogen?

The Interim Cryogenic Propulsion Stage (ICPS) of the Space Launch System is essentially the Delta Cryogenic Second Stage (DCSS) lifted from the Delta IV rocket. However, among other minor changes, the ...
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What happened to ArgoMoon?

The primary objective of the Italian ArgoMoon cubesat was to image the Interim Cryogenic Propulsion Stage (ICPS) after being jettisoned from it. Argotec engineers noticed the inability of the Interim ...
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Why does this image from Artemis 1 have horizontal stripes?

This image (crop shown below) from Wikipedia's article on the the Artemis I mission has some unexpected artifacts: horizontal stripes across the image that look like missing data. I'd expect that ...
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Why was the Orion spacecraft slower after the return powered flyby burn?

I'm closely following NASA's Artemis 1 mission and all the broadcasts. This week the return powered flyby burn took place, the Orion spacecraft flew around the moon and started its way back home. ...
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Auto attaching space tug or truck for Artemis

So Artemis 1 completed a crucial burn yesterday to send it back to Earth for splashdown on Sunday: Maybe I am just a dark ...
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Orion Navigation Camera Image Quality

On November 21, 2022, the Orion Navigation Camera made several images of the lunar surface. Flight Day 6: Orion's Optical Navigation Camera Captures Lunar Surface The image quality is much lower ...
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What are the patterns on this solar panel?

What are the patterns on this solar panel? I'm specifically referring to the apparently random routing of (some of) the wires. I don't suppose that they're random or unintentional, so I can only ...
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How to interpret the Artemis I flight path from NASA's Artemis I Map

I'm sure almost everyone on this site has seen the Artemis Map released by NASA. But I find it confusing attempting to interpret the flight path Artemis I will take. The mission is 25 days, and the ...
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What is the reason for the short-duration cutouts in the Artemis I launch window?

Near the end of the hold at T-10 the announcer noted that, in determining a new T0, the launch team had to consider "various cutouts in the launch window, varying from 1 seconds up to a minute&...
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Why does Artemis I need a launch window?

I know that a rocket needs to launch at the right time in order to be able to reach a specific point in orbit (e.g. the ISS). This launch window is quite small (correct?). But why does Artemis I ...
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When Artemis runs out of rollbacks

On 2022 Sep 26, Artemis I was moved from its launchpad back to its "garage" to shelter from a hurricane. It was reported that NASA managers have said the system is rated for two more ...
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Artemis H2 leak -- what is rationale behinfd 4% stated go/no-go parameter

The Artemis H2 leak has been quoted in %. I believe 4% is the stated limit. I assume that measurement is vol % of H2 in air but I haven't seen any real definition of the parameter. What is the ...
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If Artemis 1 fails, will it be the end of the program?

The Artemis 1 flight was meant to happen years ago. The program is really expensive and the SLS is not reusable. Other companies like SpaceX or Blue Origin are doing things in a much cheaper and ...
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