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Questions tagged [artemis-program]

NASA's manned lunar program authorized by Space Policy Directive 1 in December 2017 with the goal of landing the first woman and the next man on the Moon and the first person on the Moon's far side (on the South Pole) as well as establishing a permanent base on the Moon.

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How many stages (approximately) will likely be used to get NASA astronauts to the Moon's south pole and safely back to Earth?

UPDATE: See Space News' NASA tweaks call for lunar lander concepts which links to: FedBizOpps: Human Landing System - Integrated Lander NextSTEP H: Human Landing System - Integrated Lander; ...
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Where is Artemis on this Earth-Moon three-body bifurcation plot? Where's the near-rectilinear halo orbit for example?

Below is a $\mu = 0.01215$ bifurcation plot from E. J. Doedel, E.J. et al's Elemental periodic orbits associated with the libration points in the circular restricted 3-body problem International ...
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How can Artemis 1 take so much longer for Earth-Lunar transit than the Apollo missions did?

The Artemis I mission will take 8-14 days to get from Earth to the Moon. Apollo 11 only took 3 days. Similarly the return will be 9-19 days for Artemis I and just over 2 days for Apollo 11. Why is the ...
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When cis-lunar Artemis astronauts and folks on Earth communicate via audio (e.g. EVAs) will they still step on each other's words like during Apollo?

It's been fifty years since we've heard astronauts and ground folks talk over each other ("step on each other" in 1970's CB radio parlance). Sitting on the floor a few feet away from our ...
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Why isn't the Delta IV Heavy ever used for crewed spaceflight?

In 2014 the Orion spacecraft was launched on top of the Delta IV Heavy for the first time. Why do they build another rocket, the SLS, instead of launching the Orion on the Delta also with humans on ...
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7 votes
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Orion re-entry velocity: Why is it higher than Apollo?

Title says it all. I am puzzled why Orion will be traveling faster than Apollo.
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What is the inclination limit for Artemis landings?

Inspired by Did any of the Apollo lunar modules land significantly off level? I'd like to know if there is an inclination limit for the Artemis Human Landing System?
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How can an Astronaut survive for six days inside a Spacesuit?

In the video #AskNASA | What are the Next Generation Spacesuits?, spacesuit engineer Dustin Gohmert says the following about the Orion Crew Survival Suit (Orange Spacesuit): This suit is also ...
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Are L1 and L2 orbital periods always half the orbital period of the massive bodies?

Are L1 and L2 libration point orbital periods always half the orbital period of the massive bodies? The halo orbital period of JWST is a half a year. The ...
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Did NASA director Jim Bridenstine really make sure that Artemis gets done in a way different than how the US "House of Representatives put forward"?

update: Aviation Week November 8, 2020: NASA Chief Plans To Step Aside Under Biden In the "Angry Astronaut" video NASA'S Lunar Gateway Announcement - This REALLY matters to Artemis, SpaceX ...
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What is the point of the Artemis program when we had Apollo? [closed]

Considering that NASA evidently already know how to land astronauts on the Moon (thanks to Apollo), what is the point of the Artemis program? For example, the just-launched Artemis 1 is 1) uncrewed ...
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