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Questions tagged [artificial-gravity]

Artificial gravity is the varying (increase or decrease) of apparent gravity via artificial means, particularly in space, but also on Earth.

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Variable Gravity, how long in each?

Centrifugal force can be used to simulate gravity in space vehicles. Assume the "gravity" in our space vehicle can provide environments ranging from 2 gravities to none (micro), either by changing ...
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Would Bigelow space stations work if rotated to achieve 1G simulated gravity?

Would Bigelow's proposed space stations work if two of them are connected by a tether and rotated to simulate gravity of 1G (or how much)? Would they hold up structurally? Would there be other ...
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Artificial Gravity - How much is needed per day?

Has any research been conducted or is anything known about how much time must be spent in 1G per 24 hours in order to preserve good health? Assume that this refers to an extended space-journey. The ...
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Have there been any studies of designs beyond the basic elevator in a rotating wheel space station?

In the 1977 NASA publication, "Space Settlements, A Design Study," exploring the feasibility of the Stanford Torus it says "Elevators could also be used to travel through the spokes to the far side ...
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Proposed methods to use electromagnetic force to replace gravity beyond boots?

I have been wondering if there have been any serious proposed methods to try to recover some functions of gravity with electromagnetic forces for astronauts in space. Fields generated in the floor of ...
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