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Is there any data for space debris that I can use to develop an AI model to predict the orbital decay time?

I need to develop a model to predict the orbital decay time for my graduation project but I searched for data that can help in that project and I failed to obtain such data. Can any one suggest a ...
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Does Privateer's tracking software Crow's Nest actually offer users something better than the previous state of the art?

CNN's Steve Wozniak's new venture takes aim at space junk discusses a project with Wozniak, Alex Fielding and Moriba Jah: But the money, according to Wozniak's co-founder in this new venture, couldn'...
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What DID NASA do with "the world's largest quantum computer"? (re question from 2013)

@TildalWave's 2013 question What does NASA plan to do with the world's largest quantum computer? has several answers, including one in a comment: Maintaining this computer is expected to bring ...
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How far has Artificial Intelligence (AI) came in satellites? [closed]

Are AIs being used in satellites? If yes, have they learned to adapt in satellites? In what way AI has benefited space exploration for us?
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How might one approach using AI (convolutional neural network) to predict collisions in orbit?

CNN's Tomorrow's Hero profile Meet Amber Yang. She's trying to prevent a space debris catastrophe describes an investigation into the use of a convolutional neural network (CNN) to predict possible ...
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Advances in AI and Avionics needed for deep space exploration?

We have come a long way since the first space missions, and now we have state of the art avionics systems on board our spacecrafts. The more deep we go into space, the more autonomy our robotic ...
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What does NASA plan to do with the world's largest quantum computer?

NASA Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) Division has apparently partnered with Google and acquired the world's largest quantum computer, D-Wave Two™: In a partnership with Google and independent, ...
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Do any systems in space use Artificial Intelligence yet?

Technology has apparently advanced to the point some states in the Untied States are debating AI managed cars. The thought comes to mind that space is relatively less crowded than most streets on ...
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