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Autonomous spaceport drone ship (ASDS) is SpaceX mobile landing barge that serves as a landing platform for Falcon 9R first stage recovery after they boosted rocket's upper stage and spacecraft towards orbit. SpaceX named their first operational ASDS, in service since November 2014, "Just Read the Instructions".

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Does the downrange position of an ASDS vary, depending on payload mass?

SpaceX in its recovery attempts can either do a Return To Launch Site (RTLS) or land downrange on an ASDS landing barge. The Telesat 19V and 18V payloads were some of the heaviest payloads on the ...
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Why is SpaceX spraying water on their barges?

We often see on the SpaceX launch streams that they are spraying water on the deck of the ASDS where the booster will land: There are multiple potential reasons to do this which come to mind: ...
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