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Questions tagged [be4-engine]

Questions about Blue Origin's methalox engine that is to be used on the New Glenn and Vulcan launch vehicles.

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2 answers

Technical feasibility of using Raptor engines for Vulcan rocket

According to a recent GAO report (p. 116), ULA's Vulcan rocket's BE-4 engines are "experiencing technical challenges" and there is some concern whether they will be ready / certified in time ...
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2 votes
1 answer

What materials can withstand corrosive oxygen-rich hot-gas environments inside rocket engines?

Russians figured out the metallurgy behind those super alloys since the N1 moon rocket era. Blue Origin is running its BE-4 engines on oxidizer-rich preburners and SpaceX’s full-flow Raptor engines ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Why does the BE-4 use methane as fuel?

I understand the Mars ISRU reasoning for SpaceX's Raptor which is also going to be methalox based. But why would ULA, who is the prime customer for BE-4 besides Blue Origin itself, chose to support a ...
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How will the BE-4 engine "Save taxpayer money"?

In this explanation of the Blue Origin BE-4 engine, the text says: LOWEST COST Blue Origin’s BE-4 requires NO taxpayer dollars. Fully funded The BE-4 is fully paid for by the private ...
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