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Collecting suns cosmic rays

Is it possible to collect the Sun's cosmic rays positive and negative particles in different coils , using electromagnetic coils, 50 meter diameter collimating coils with solar cells to power the EM ...
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Viability of beamed regolith propulsion?

This question is inspired by two existing spacecraft propulsion concepts. Beam-powered propulsion involves a spacecraft being propelled by a beam of some kind, and one potential type of beam would ...
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Laser powered LEO launch system

Latest research on beam powered propulsion seem to focus on the microwave spectrum as it is easy to catch by the orbital vehicle. However I argue it could be way cheaper to use a solar powered laser ...
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Externaly delivered non-nuclear pulse propulsion?

This question asks about the feasibility of an Orion-like pulse propulsion system using chemical explosives instead of nuclear explosives as pulse unit. Unfortunately, those simply lack the energy ...
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Why has beam-powered propulsion not seen more use?

To me at least, beam-powered propulsion seems like a great idea. High specific impulse, non-negligible thrust, and no heavy nuclear reactors on board. It's even been successfully tested by Escape ...
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How much can static cling be used to move things in space? Tractor Beam

Can static cling occurs in space? Can a static charge be amplified laterally to move objects in space similar to Star Trek's tractor beam? Can a static charge could be carried by a sustained particle ...
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What are the benefits from using the Sun as a gravitational lens for beamed interstellar propulsion?

What would be gained from placing a powerplant with a photon beam canon and a light sail on opposite sides of the Sun, perfectly alligned, both at >550 AU from the Sun? That'swhere the lens starts, ...
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How could the laser from Earth to a spacecraft be used other than to propel its light sail?

The Starshot Breakthrough Initiative, sponsored by Yuri Milner, now finances the attempt to use a huge laser on Earth to propell a tiny spacecraft to huge velocity. Not having to carry the energy for ...
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Do any realistic rocket systems use different substances for propellant and fuel?

In his Annual Question response, Progress in Rocketry, George Dyson exults in the success of Blue Origin and SpaceX in landing their rockets after pushing them past the Kármán line, and then ...
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