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Questions regarding the Bigelow company.

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What was the first true inflatable space habitat : BEAM, Genesis I, Genesis II or none?

I'd wager BEAM (2016) is the first true inflatable space habitat because it was specifically designed for human habitation, and as such attached to the ISS, whereas Genesis I (2006) and Genesis II (...
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Building a city on the Moon using inflatable modules, and the Starship as a launch vehicle? [closed]

What are the main challenges for someone (such as Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk) to mass-produce a flight-ready inflatable habitat(1000 of them), capable of sustaining 16 humans, and use them to build a ...
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Would Bigelow space stations work if rotated to achieve 1G simulated gravity?

Would Bigelow's proposed space stations work if two of them are connected by a tether and rotated to simulate gravity of 1G (or how much)? Would they hold up structurally? Would there be other ...
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Will the price for a B330 space station come down with volume?

I see sources quoting the price for a Bigelow B330 space station at around 400M USD (with some interesting price analysis). I have very little idea as to what goes into building these, and they have ...
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Why do they believe that the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module has "taken a hit"?

In NPR's news item After A Year In Space, The Air Hasn't Gone Out Of NASA's Inflated Module there is a quote that's interesting: "We do believe we've taken at least one hit," says Crusan. &...
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Why does the ISS crew wear a dust mask in BEAM?

This video from NASA shows Jeff Williams entering BEAM for the first time. He's wearing a simple dust mask. Why is that? If there is concern about floating particles, wouldn't there be a concern with ...
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How will BEAM be deorbited?

Almost all the articles I’ve read about BEAM say something like: “At the end of BEAM's mission, it will be removed from the ISS and burn up during reentry” Source: Wikipedia. But I can’t find ...
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Are Bigelow's habitats inflatable, or expandable with other methods?

Are the space stations and habitation modules of Bigelow Aerospace (Genesis I & II and the planned BEAM and B330) blown up by air like balloons? Or are they unfolded by mechanical or other means? ...
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Why is Bigelow BA330 expandable instead of fitting fairings?

Bigelow Aerospace develops expandable (inflatable/foldable) space stations. Their flagship is their cylindrical BA330 which has the dimensions 13.7 by 6.7 meter when expanded. Current ISS modules seem ...
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How does Bigelow plan to handle heat rejection on the BA-330?

Bigelow Aerospace has two inflatables on orbit (Genesis I and Genesis II) with plans for attaching the BEAM module to the ISS. These are precursors to a full scale station, based on multiple (3?) BA-...
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