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Questions about the United Kingdom built orbital class launch vehicle. The program was cancelled in 1971.

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Why did Black Arrow have a tail skirt?

Next week marks the 50th anniversary of the UK's one and only satellite launch on one of her own rockets - Prospero, aboard the Black Arrow. In-flight photos of the Black Arrow look odd because there ...
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How did the kerosene-burning Black Arrow have transparent exhaust? (seems to just "hover" in photos)

Kerosene + LOX rockets have big, bright exhaust plumes, at least in the atmosphere; second stages are are a different matter: Why is the flame of the Falcon 9's 2nd stage (nearly) invisible? But ...
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What are the “nacelle” like protrusions on the first stage of Black Arrow?

I noticed these “nacelle” like protrusions on the first stage of Black Arrow while browsing Wikipedia. They look like they're spaced unequally but symmetrically in two sets of two around the first ...
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