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Boeing is a very large manufacture of aerospace and space equipment.

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Purpose of Starliner ‘chicken wire’?

The Boeing Starliner has a black, perforated skirt that Spans the circumference of the service module. It is unclear what the purpose of this is and have not found anything mentioning it specifically. ...
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Why was the Atlas V's SRB kept attached for 1 minute after burnout in the OFT-2 mission?

In Boeing's OFT-2 mission, an Atlas V is the launch vehicle. The solid rocket booster burns out at T+ 1:35 minutes, but the boosters are jettisoned at T+ 2:40 minutes. Why are the boosters not ...
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Do space suit designers exist?

I was just having a closer look at the new space-suits by SpaceX, that were worn by NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley (image below this question). The design made me wonder about who may ...
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What launch vehicles of those compatible will Starliner actually use?

The Boeing Starliner is designed to be compatible with four launch vehicles: Atlas V, Delta IV, Falcon 9, and Vulcan. The test flight was launched on an Atlas V, so it can be assumed that more ...
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After the Crew Dragon's success, does Boeing's Starliner still offer value?

Boeing's Starliner is more expensive than Crew Dragon and seems not to offer any significant advantages. Is there still value to NASA or other parties in the future to having a choice between the two?
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What are the lightning like flashes near the main parachute of Boeing's Starliner test?

Boeing released a highlights real of its test flight, and around 2:30 the main chutes deploy. When that happens, it appears as though is lightning like flashes around the main chute's cords. What is ...
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Are there any active or recent projects investigating skyhooks for orbital lift?

On the Wikipedia page for skyhooks, the most recent entry in "History" describes a 2001 effort by the Boeing Phantom Works to draft a proposal for a skyhook system for NASA under the name of HASTOL. ...
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What are the "Boeing Lunar Orbiter spacecraft" from the 1960s? Why is "Boeing" in the name?

An October 2013 article in The New Race for the Moon says: Although LRO data remains unrestricted there is other evidence that NASA is worried about such data transfer to China. NASA ...
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Apollo 11 ascent data/observation mismatch

I'm researching the Apollo 11 ascent to orbit and found an article showing a mismatch between the observation and the Boeing data The launch video shows the rocket punching through what appears to be ...
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Could SpaceX's Dragon V2 or the Boeing Starliner be upgraded to travel beyond LEO

A recent Government Accountability Office (GAO) report has cast doubts on the ability of the Orion MPCV to meet its requirements on its already excessive budget. Orion has been in development since ...
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Is the SLS irrelevant if the Falcon Heavy launch is successful this year?

My take is that, like so many bad, and good, NASA ideas, the SLS will get the axe after spending billions on the NASA subcontractor(s). Regardless if the SLS comes to full life cycle, NASA will not ...
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How do the sizes of the various proposed manned capsules differ?

How do the overall dimensions, internal volume, mass of the various manned capsules being developed compare? ...
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What will be NASA Policy on backup ISS docking/berthing ports, once commercial crew is up and running?

The news that Boeing will bid the CST-100 as a Commercial Resupply Services 2 (CRS-2) vehicle raises a question: will they be using a docking port, to a PMA or berthing to a CBM port? The problem is ...
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What 'contributions' could this private company have made to Boeing?

I was traveling through Nevada when I stopped to eat at Windmill Ridge - a motel / resturaunt combo thing. I noticed this plaque on the wall: "In recognition of your contributions to the success of ...
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