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Canadarm or Canadarm1 is the robotic manipulator used on the Space Shuttle orbiters to deploy, manoeuvre, and capture payloads. Canadarm2 is a similar device used on the ISS. Canadarm3 is a proposed similar device for use on the Lunar Gateway station. This tag covers all three.

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What material is the wrinkled fabric(?) seen on the outside of some capsules and what is its purpose?

For example, the silver material on the Soyuz capsule Or the white wrapping on Canadarm and other robotic modules on the ISS My best guess is that it's beta cloth, used for fireproofing spacesuits, ...
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How was SSRMS IROSA IPA disposed

On this video, we can clearly see the payload being disposed, but I fail to understand how it gained so much momentum as the Canadarm appears to not be moving. The video mention a new procedure, can ...
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What are the operational details of the Canadarm Latching End Effectors?

There are numerous pictures of grapple fixtures and LEE available. I can appreciate how the wire snare works to snare the center pin of the grapple. But I’m foggy on how the location cam/arm ...
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3 votes
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Why aren't ISS attitude control thrusters a "tool" picked up by robotic arms?

Since ISS is an evolving structure which center of mass flucuates in position depending on added or removed modules, could Canadarm or latest European robotic arm be used to manipulate attitude ...
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56 votes
3 answers

How did Canada come to be the robotic arm people?

Canada contributed the Canadarm and Canadarm2 for the Shuttle and ISS, respectively. With the Lunar Gateway Canada will contribute the Canadarm3. How did Canada come to make the Canadarm in the ...
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What is the "space grease" used to lubricate the ISS robotic arm? What are the material considerations for it?'s Spacesuit Gloves Contaminated During Friday's Historic Spacewalk quotes NASA astronaut Christina Koch (Wikipedia, NASA): "And so," she continued, "of course, a mechanical ...
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Were there visual targets on the Shuttle that could confirm the alignment of the Canadarm?

This answer explains that the alignment of the joints varied slightly between each Canadarm on the Shuttle. The amount of correction for each arm was known and programmed into the flight computer. ...
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7 votes
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Did moving a Shuttle Remote Manipulator System (RMS) from one Orbiter to another have any impact on operations?

This question Did each Shuttle have its own dedicated Canadarm? and its answer discuss the five different robot arms used in the shuttle program and how they were moved from Orbiter to Orbiter. ...
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17 votes
1 answer

Did each Shuttle have its own dedicated Canadarm?

Five Canadarm robotic arms were built. Five space shuttle orbiters were flown to space. Did each orbiter have its own dedicated Canadarm? Or were they rather moved around from orbiter to orbiter, ...
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5 votes
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How are the payload limits of robot arms on the space station determined?

I have just been wondering how the payload limits for the arms on the ISS were determined. Any back of the napkin calculations to explain these? In that vein, I could not find any information on the ...
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1 answer

Did Buran also copy the Canadarm?

Considering that the Soviets copied practically everything else on the Space Shuttle, did they also make their own version of the Canadarm robotic arm?
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5 votes
4 answers

Are robot arms ever used for attitude control in space?

Motion of a robotic arm mounted on a spacecraft presents an interesting challenge from a control perspective. A robot arm, such as Canadarm (space shuttle) and Canadarm2 (ISS), has significant mass ...
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