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NASA SIM (Space Interferometry Mission) - how mature technically it was at the moment of cancellation?

NASA's SIM mission was canceled in 2010. It was planned as first optical interferometer in space. I couldn't find answer - how technically mature the mission was when it was canceled? How far it was ...
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Statistic on cancelled space projects

Do you know of any reliable statistics on the successrate of (aero)space project development? How many projects suffer major delay and/or significant over budgets? How many projects get cancelled ...
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Voyager 3: what would have been its mission, and why was it canceled?

In researching the answer to this recent question, I came across some information that was new to me. A third Voyager mission was planned, and then canceled. Apparently, Voyager 3 was cannibalized ...
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What engineering problems was Ares I facing at the time of its cancellation?

As we all know, Ares I was to be the Crewed Exploration Vehicle (CEV) launcher of the Constellation program. It was based on a 5 segment SRB design, with a J-2X engine as an upper stage. It was to be ...
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Was VentureStar a bad design or simply ahead of its time?

VentureStar was (IMHO) a pretty cool design; a reusable space plane designed for low running costs and rapid turn-around seems like just what the world needs. However, it was cancelled in 2001 due to (...
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Did VentureStar technology lead anywhere?

VentureStar seemed to make a bit of progress before being cancelled in 2001. Did any of the technology developed for this program lead anywhere? For example, its aerospike engines or high-tech fuel ...
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How will the Air Force decision to discontinue the space fence due to sequestration affect contractors?

Recently, Air Force Space Command indicated that the space fence will be discontinued on October 1.[source] Due to resource constraints caused by sequestration, Air Force Space Command officials ...
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How were vibrations supposed to be handled in an Ares I?

The basic concept of an Ares 1 consisted of a five-segment SRB and some liquid-fuelled upper stage. The SRB was derived from the four-segment Space Shuttle SRBs. A similar concept was later promoted ...
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