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questions about the process of capturing a spacecraft into orbit around a planet or moon.

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How to calculate the max mass and speed of an asteroid capturable by gravity assist?

After reading this question and the answers, I am wondering about the limits of slingshot method to capture an asteroid into a planet orbit. Is it possible to calculate if an asteroid can be captured ...
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When doing an interplanetary Hohmann transfer, are additional escape and capture burns necessary in addition to the two Hohmann Transfer burns?

When doing a Hohmann transfer, it takes a burn to change from a low orbit to the Hohmann Transfer Orbit (HTO), and a second burn to change from the HTO to a high orbit. I know how to find the delta-v ...
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How to estimate the pose of a dynamic cooperative and known object in space e.g in case of space debris? [closed]

I would like to know some novel approach, method or algorithm. The main purpose of pose estimation is to deal with the robotic capture in space
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Has lithocapture ever been seriously considered as a method of entering orbit around a planet or moon that lacks any atmosphere?

What I mean by lithocapture is an orbital transfer maneuver used to reduce the velocity of a spacecraft from a hyperbolic trajectory to an elliptical orbit around the targeted celestial body where the ...
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Why are most of Jupiter's moons retrograde?

Jupiter's small moons are likely captured objects. I would've expected half of them to be captured in retrograde orbit, between 90 and 180 degrees inclination. But out of 65 lesser satellites, only 11 ...
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Calculating low-thrust capture delta-V with high $V_{inf}$

I'm designing a CubeSat mission to the Martian moons, and am having trouble calculating capture delta-V. Once it gets into a circular orbit, I can do the rest, but the capture itself is giving me ...
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Why does a gravity capture require a loss of velocity?

I've read a gravity capture of an object requires the captured object to lose velocity by some means (impact, third body tidal force, etc). Is there not a possible encounter that happens at a low ...
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