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Carbon is the 6th element on the periodic table.

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Can we afford to increase rocket launches when we are are in desperate need to cut down emssions? [duplicate]

I love SpaceX and what they are doing with rockets and reusability, but their work is also going to exponentially increase the demand for new launches to orbit. If we are ever going to create a self ...
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What if a Space Shuttle entered the atmosphere of Venus?

How would a U.S. Space Shuttle's atmospheric entry on Venus differ from reentry on Earth? Say there's a Space Shuttle in a low Venus orbit performing a (re-)entry burn. How would the following ...
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What is the baseline for carbon isotope ratios?

In the Martian atmosphere, the ratio between concentrations of carbon-13 to carbon-12 has been measured, for example reported in Mahaffy, Paul R., et al. "Abundance and isotopic composition of ...
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Use of carbon nanotube based black colourings like Vantablack in space

I've seen several articles talking about the ways in which Vantablack and similar substances could be used in space as a replacement for black paint. For example, they could be used on the optical ...
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Why do many ablative nozzles use phenolic resin and not some other resin?

I am currently looking into ablatively cooled nozzles. Most of the nozzles made out of composite material that I have found use phenol as resin (Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster, ARCA Excecutor). ...
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Have carbonaceous chondrite meteors been found on the moon?

Carbonaceous Chondrite (C-Type) asteroids are very common. They make up about 70% of the asteroid belt, though less closer in. One would presume that a lot of them have fallen on the moon. It occurs ...
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