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Questions about the Common Berthing Modules on the ISS. (Not about Commodore Business Machines)

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CBM dimensions for docking rings, auxillary umbilicals, and passage are in both active and passive sides

I am trying to 3D print some models for imagined and actual space craft. I was wondering if anyone was aware of technical drawings or other documents that give shapes and dimensions of the elements of ...
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Common Berthing Mechanism Dimensions

I've found detailed information on the International Docking Standard, enough to start work on a detailed CAD of the mechanism. (
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Can an ISS berthed vehicle remotely unberth?

The ISS has three (four?) types of docking ports. The Russian side has one standard with two types (active/passive?) and the US side has either a PMA (soon to be updated with the IDA to the NDS ...
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How are hatches set up in the common berthing mechanism (CBM)?

I have read about the common berthing mechanism on ISS and how the attachment process works and how the pressure seal is established, and I think I have that part figured out. There is a passive CBM ...
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Dragon berthing - Is the orientation specific to the orbital conditions, or always the same?

When the CanadArm catches the Dragon grapple fixture and attaches/berths it to the CBM on the ISS, is the orientation of the Dragon in the berthing port fixed and the same every berthing? Or do they ...
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How many docking/berthing operations can a CBM port tolerate?

Generally the CBM ports were meant to connect new space station nodes together. The nadir port on Harmony (Node 2) has been used for more berthings than any other that I am aware of. As of Jan 2014,...
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