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What kind of "safe" was carried on the Space Shuttles?

This Smithsonian/Air & Space Magazine article about the secret/classified Space Shuttle missions contains this anecdote: On the seventh day of the mission, Mattingly and pilot Hank Hartsfield ...
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Suppose Zuma wasn't "lost" — what would it take to detect it?

Being a secret government launch, there has been speculation maybe the Zuma satellite wasn't lost, and claims to the contrary are a ruse to throw off parties who'd like to track it. There is possible ...
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What was the outcome of the launch of ZUMA by SpaceX, to the best of the public's knowledge?

Now, I realise this question is inherently unanswerable due to the classified nature of the mission, and speculation is also not desirable, but that's okay — because we can at least assemble official ...
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What kind of payload is Mission 1390 (Zuma) going to launch?

Usually, when there is a "classified" payload, there are hints as to what it would be. Why is it different on this mission? Why is no government entity taking credit for it?
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What does it mean when a software is called open-source for US-release only?

I saw this answer about MarsGRAM, and when I clicked on the NASA software link to read about it I saw at the bottom of the page a blurb for EarthGRAM 2010, an atmospheric model for Earth with likely ...
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Does anyone who works at SpaceX know the paths of classified payloads?

As SpaceX has launched both NROL-76 and OTV-5, does anyone at SpaceX know the trajectory of the vehicle, or is the falcon upper stage under the direct control of the Air Force?
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How well could a satellite hide from Earth detection?

If there are only a few "enemy" radars at known locations that can detect a satellite in LEO, I'd assume there are some radar stealth methods using a spacecraft carefully shaped and oriented such that ...
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What fraction of launches are classified?

Classified, as in, a government doesn't share the basic parameters of the launch, its purpose, and so on. I vaguely remember this cropping up in a previous question, but I can't easily find the ...
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What are the end-of-life options for large classified satellites?

The Delta IV Heavy recently launched NORL-65 to a low Earth orbit. Some of these missions will be in the range of 390 km altitude with circular orbits. Plus, the Delta IV Heavy is a big rocket, with ...
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