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Questions tagged [clean-room]

Clean room environment of production, assembly and research facilities, with strict regime over airborne impurities or pollutants that could be introduced to worked on materials, equipment or experiments and cause permanent damage or long-term degrade their performance. These environments are fully sealed, airtight rooms with controlled access and air conditioning and filtering systems in place, with use related acceptable levels of contamination.

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Glove in Phoenix Backshell?

I stumbled across this image which shows the Phoenix Lander being integrated into its backshell: This is the only image "source" I was able to find:
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What is this balloon for in this clean room and what is the proper name for the "stand" that is holding the satellite?

What is this balloon doing in this clean room and what is the proper name for the "stand" (white & blue) that is holding the satellite?
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8 votes
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Why did moon dust not cause problems on Apollo during the return flight from the Moon?

The Apollo Command Module and the LEM were built in clean rooms free of dust on earth and yet (knowing that they didn't have air locks on either module) the astronauts came in directly from the moon ...
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Why was the Hubble Space Telescope purged with nitrogen gas?

Wikipedia states that The telescope had to be kept in a clean room, powered up and purged with nitrogen, until a launch could be rescheduled. Spacecraft are always kept in a clean room ...
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Why are spacecraft assembled in cleanrooms?

You see many pictures of spacecraft being handled by people with masks and hairnets. What's the reason for this?
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