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The China National Space Administration was formed in 1993 and is responsible for civil space administration and international space cooperation, including organizing or leading foreign exchanges and cooperation in the aerospace field. (from Wikipedia)

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What is or are the official English names for the eventual space station being built by China, and of the first module that's in orbit now?

China has launched the first module of a space station and plans to have astronauts inside it to start woking in about a month. In Astronomy SE they've already started calling it the "Chinese ...
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Was Queqiao in a halo or Lissajous orbit? Why do sources disagree?

Wikipedia's Lissajous orbit says that sources disagree on the nature of Queqiao relay satellite's orbit; if it was in a proper halo orbit or just a Lissajous orbit. Proper halo orbits have the same ...
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Approximate size of the "hut" object observed from the Yutu-2 lunar rover?

News sources (for example, the Independent, the South China Morning Post, RT, and Newsweek) have reported recently on the observation from the Yutu-2 lunar rover of a "hut" object or "...
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Why is it so cold in the nighttime (-130 C at 25.1 degree North) at the location where the Chinese rover landed on Mars?

Jia Yang, a Chinese engineer, announced that the Zhurong rover rolled cautiously, about 10 m in 3 days. One reason for this slow progress is the temperature that drops to -130 C and freezes the carbon ...
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