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Cold Gas Thruster to space engineering challenges

I have seen this question. The natural extension of this question would be - could you lift a human or an equivalent payload to LEO with cold gas thruster only? For numbers, take 100 kg mass for the ...
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What equation is being used- chamber pressure v.s. mass flow rate? (Cold-gas thruster)

I am doing a project on cold gas thrusters and have seen a couple of graphs relating chamber pressure against mass flow rate. I can't seem to find the equation that relates these two parameters to ...
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Solenoid delay when deactivating cold gas thrusters?

Cold gas thrusters fire only after a short delay due to solenoid activation dynamics. The delay depends on the thrusters but I've seen numbers ~ 5 ms. What I'm wondering: Is there a similar delay when ...
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Can a human land on Deimos using pressurized deodorant cans?

Can an astronaut use deodorant sprays which contain pressurized butane as cold gas thrusters to land on Deimos from Deimos' orbit? If yes, how many cans would be required to get 5 m/s of delta-v for a ...
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Falcon 9 cold gas thrusters: why in line with grid fins?

The cold gas thrusters of the Falcon 9 are right in line with the grid fins. The grid fins deploy immediately after MECO and stay deployed while the cold gas thrusters fire. And it seems the expelled ...
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