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Do cold gas thrusters fueled by supercritical CO2 have a higher Isp than those fueled by liquid CO2?

The private space company Pixar has developed an autonomous space vehicle (Wall-e) propelled by a cold gas thruster Hand-Held Maneuvering Unit as demonstrated in this press release: From https://...
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What equation is being used- chamber pressure v.s. mass flow rate? (Cold-gas thruster)

I am doing a project on cold gas thrusters and have seen a couple of graphs relating chamber pressure against mass flow rate. I can't seem to find the equation that relates these two parameters to ...
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Falcon 9 cold gas thrusters: why in line with grid fins?

The cold gas thrusters of the Falcon 9 are right in line with the grid fins. The grid fins deploy immediately after MECO and stay deployed while the cold gas thrusters fire. And it seems the expelled ...
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