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8 votes
0 answers

With an external airlock attached, could Commercial Crew Program spacecraft service Hubble?

Note just to clarify: is not about the requirements of the Commercial Crew Program, it is about the as-built capabilities of Crew Dragon and Starliner (hereafter referred to as CCPS, CCP (not that one)...
11 votes
1 answer

What is the "mistake" that caused Doug Loverro to resign as NASA's Human SpaceflightChief so shortly before DM-2?

Today, on May 19, 2020, Doug Loverro announced his resignation. It's a bizarre time to do so, so shortly before the Commerical Crew Program puts astronauts into space for the first time, but even ...
2 votes
0 answers

Why was the SpaceX Demo 2 spashdown livestream so devoid of visuals?

Today's successful splashdown was tremendously boring compared to what we are used to from SpaceX launches. The mission statistics, the timeline, inner cockpit, etc was not shown during the telecast. ...