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Questions tagged [constellation-program]

The Constellation program was supposed to be the NASA program to replace the Space Shuttle. It consisted of the Ares 1-X rocket and the undeveloped Ares V rocket. It was canceled in 2010.

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Are there any studied landing sites on Mars for a crewed landing?

I am currently working on a research project regarding the distribution of Calcium Perchlorate on the surface of Mars' effect on the human body, and for this I would like to look at the concentrations ...
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Why doesn't NASA just again build the Altair LM or a modified Apollo LM for the Artemis project?

The Altair lunar module was part of the wonderful Constellation program cancelled in 2010; just the Orion spacecraft has been retained which is to deliver a crew into lunar orbit. The new carrier ...
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Escape system of SLS vs Ares I

One of the criticism directed at the Ares I rocket was the danger during a launch termination of the solid-propellant 1st stage. As far as I understood it, a terminated Titan IV solid-propellant ...
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Did NASA develop any crewed moon landing programs between Apollo and Constellation?

I just assumed that NASA has always been developing some plan to get humans back on the moon since Apollo was cancelled. But while attempting to verify this, I found that this doesn't seem to be the ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Why did NASA design the SLS do the job of both the Ares I and Ares V?

The design of the Constellation program called for two main launch vehicles, The Ares I and the Ares V. The Ares I was said to be human-rated and was to be used to carry the Orion vehicle and its crew ...
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10 votes
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What engineering problems was Ares I facing at the time of its cancellation?

As we all know, Ares I was to be the Crewed Exploration Vehicle (CEV) launcher of the Constellation program. It was based on a 5 segment SRB design, with a J-2X engine as an upper stage. It was to be ...
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Why was Ares-1 based on the SRB?

The problems with Ares-1 are well known. They were enough to close down the program. Why was it based on the SRB? At first glance, the SRB was never launched to orbit, was never launched manned, and ...
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8 votes
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Is the constellation program back on track?

According to this article the Constellation program is funded again. Finally, just last Friday President Obama signed a new federal spending bill into law. This bill includes money to continue NASA'...
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How were vibrations supposed to be handled in an Ares I?

The basic concept of an Ares 1 consisted of a five-segment SRB and some liquid-fuelled upper stage. The SRB was derived from the four-segment Space Shuttle SRBs. A similar concept was later promoted ...
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