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Is there an upper limit for the internal size of space stations?

I was reading about the various TransHab proposals (at, among others), and I started to think about pushing the idea to its limits. Assuming you had a ...
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Why weren't Gemini capsules given names?

Mercury capsules had names (e.g. Liberty Bell). Apollo command modules had names (e.g. Columbia). Apollo lunar modules had names (e.g. Challenger). Space Shuttle orbiters had names (e.g. Columbia ...
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Have liquid cooling systems been tested for reentry surfaces?

A tough exterior of heat-dissipating material is generally used for reentry modules. I am wondering if there have been any attempts or experiments at using liquid cooling systems as thermal protection ...
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Apollo Command Module's impact attenuation system, what did the inner part look like?

A reference used in Wikipedia's Apollo Command/Service Module article is CSM06 Command Module Overview pp 39-52.pdf. It includes (bottom of document page #43, 5th page of pdf): Imact Attenuation: ...
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What specifications is the ISRO crew module fabricated to? writes to say Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) has handed ...
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What are some details of ISRO's Gaganyaan Mission?

What are the some design features of Indian Human spaceflight Programme's Gaganyaan capsule? How much of the testing is done and what are its future plans?
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