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Questions tagged [cryogenics]

Questions regarding use, design, storage, consumption, or other considerations of materials, propellants, systems, or biological samples stored and/or used under very low temperatures, often under larger than ambient pressure.

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Is ISRO Making a Methane Engine?

I'd read some stray comment on the internet claiming that ISRO is working on a methane-LOX engine, just as a technology demonstrator. Is this true?
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Does Starship run on Slushies?

Cryogenic slush (a mixture of liquid and solid) can potentially store propellants at higher density than cryogenic liquid. For instance, hydrogen slush is 16-20% denser than liquid hydrogen. https://...
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What is the record for LOX staying liquid in space?

Liquid oxygen can be used for breathing, for fuel cells, and as an oxidizer for propulsion. However, it is cryogenic, and will slowly boil off in storage, even in a spacecraft. What is the longest ...
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LOX as annular heat sink

I'm thinking of my time spent working with cryostats. Liquid helium pot on the inside, and surrounded by a liquid nitrogen jacket. And the whole thing insulated with vacuum and superinsulation. (...
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Cryogenic liquid pressurization resulting in overpressurized tank

I want to pressurize a cryogenic liquid (LN2 in this test. Eventually LOX). I have a setup similar to this and follow a similar procedure to what is described, but I don’t see the same tank pressure ...
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Cryogenic engines till date

How many cryogenic engines are there till date. Names are mostly necessary.
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How would a body be stored in a dark hole in the moon?

How well would the human body stay preserved if it was frozen while pressurized and vacuum sealed before being placed in a crater on the Moon? Would the temperature be more reliably stable on the moon ...
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