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Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (CYGNSS) constellation of eight smallsats. Not to be confused with Cygnus, the expendable cargo spacecraft that services the ISS.

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What goes into the planning and execution of the deployment of groups of LEO satellites?

I was among many watching SpaceX's exciting OrbComm-2 mission (Falcon-9 Flight 20, 22-Dec-2015), and besides the first successful landing of a 1st stage after an orbital mission, the deployment of the ...
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How can the CYGNSS spacecrafts (actually) measure ocean roughness?

The Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System is a group of 8 smallsats which will orbit near the equator (inc=30°) and work as a constellation to take data on typhoons and hurricanes. While they are ...
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Delay-Doppler maps in space science

Maybe this question might be more physics related, but I've read about mostly in context of space science: What is a delay-doppler map (DDM)? I can find it in exploration of asteroids (e.g. (...
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CYGNSS launch - a lot of unpowered coasting

I've just watched the live CYGNSS launch, and I'm wondering why there was so much unpowered coasting between stage 2 burnout and stage 3 ignition? The vehicle was not yet in orbit, so presumably it ...
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