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Necessary algorithms and their structures to ensure minimum performance of small satellites based on PLD/FPGA [closed]

Let's consider small satellites whose on-board computer core is PLD/FPGA. From their generalized system architecture (taken, for example, from A Generic Simulink Model Template for Simulation of Small ...
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What practical tasks did you start working on in programming PLD/FPGA for spacecraft?

There are a great many areas of application of PLD/FPGA in spacecraft. Let's take as a basis this classification of domains and subdomains, proposed in the November 24, 2023 blogpost ...
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Do the Voyager probes transmit analogue or digital data?

When the Voyager probes take a picture or record other data, do they digitize it on board and send a digital signal to earth (i.e. zeros and ones) or do they transmit an analogue signal (like old-...
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What are all the ways that FPGAs are used in the Flying Laptop spacecraft?

In the eoPortal's spacecraft Mission profile for the Flying Laptop, the term FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) appears 12 times, including the paragraph below. I'm still having trouble ...
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How do Field Programmable Gate Arrays affect the capabilities of probes?

FPGAs are microprocessors that can be reconfigured on the fly, through programming, to do different things. They can essentially be rewired, to change what the chip does, in ways that once would have ...
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What data compression algorithms have been successfully used in spacecraft?

Scientific spacecraft can generate very large amounts of data. However, both the storage available onboard the spacecraft and the bandwidth available to transmit the data to ground stations are ...
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