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Questions regarding death, cessation of all biological functions sustaining a living being, that are related to space exploration that can happen in space, on a space station, a spacecraft, or any ground based space operations.

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Why is it assumed that space flights have to be safe?

On the one hand, space travel is a completely novel technology and less than 1000 people have traveled outside the planet. On the other hand, every accident in space involving humans is treated as a ...
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How many total NASA astronauts have died? [closed]

Including in space, launching, reentering, pre-flight, and in training.
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What to do until the hearse arrives: is there a designated morgue on ISS?

When I have asked, every commercial ocean-going vessel I’ve been on has provision for a refrigerated morgue. In the good old days, it was a cannon ball at your feet and six feet of sail cloth with the ...
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Was someone killed in the SpaceX Starship SN10 explosion? [closed]

At timestamp 2:44 in this video: There can be seen something that looks like a person on fire running and then falling to the ground. Was someone killed or injured in ...
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Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum, and Phooey: Which one died on Apollo 17?

In addition to the three astronauts, Apollo 17 carried 5 pocket mice aboard the command module America. The astronauts nicknamed them Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum, and Phooey. One of the mice died; the remaining ...
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Procedure to deal with the death of Apollo astronaut during a lunar mission

During Apollo lunar missions, had the command module pilot have died while the other two astronauts were on the Moon, or had only one of the two lunar walkers died, did NASA have a procedure for such ...
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Proposals being considered for dealing with deceased future colonists on Mars or Elsewhere in the Cosmos

This question assumes that in the future a sizeable colony of humans might be established on Mars, or elsewhere. On Earth, one common way to deal with the dead is burial. This system relies on ...
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Potential catastrophic death on the ISS from mistakes

Other than from decompression and fire, what other ways has NASA or the Russian space program identified unique ways someone on the ISS could die suddenly, in particular from human error with the ...
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Have any astronauts/cosmonauts died in space?

After some casual reading around on the internet I got to the accidents that have occurred over the years in space exploration. I got to wondering that while I know that astronauts have died during ...
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What are the sanctions to prevent Mars being polluted with human corpses?

Are there international laws or agreements to prevent Mars being polluted with human corpses? If there are, are they underpinned with possible sanction? Isn't it appropriate to make a distinction ...
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Was a one way trip to the moon considered by the crew of Apollo 13?

I watched the fantastic movie "Apollo 13" recently and there was one scene that stood out as it looked like the crew was considering making a one way trip and landing on the moon. The script goes ...
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What happens to a body, that has been exposed to vacuum, once brought back onboard?

You are on a ship in the cold vacuum of space. You find a body of an astronaut exposed to vacuum (for this instance just assume human, but you never know). The body was essentially freeze dried and ...
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Was there a Moon landing mission that the astronauts had to land by hand? [closed]

I remembered that I once read an article about the design of the controller, but now I can't google it out. In short, it talked about the control panel of one Moon landing mission was full of ...
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What happens if we bury a human on other planets or moons [closed]

Given that there are no organisms on other planets/moons, if we bury a dead human (or other organisms), will it decay? I think the body will be intact as on earth there are several organisms/micro ...
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How are dead animals disposed of on the ISS?

After reading the question Have any animals that have been studied onboard the ISS come back alive?, my first thought was this: what about the ones that don't live? It would seem that this wouldn't be ...
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What are the procedures aboard the ISS in the eventuality of a loss of a crew member?

So far, all the space exploration related events that resulted in Loss of Crew (LOC) took a complete crew, and as far as we're aware, no accident in space that resulted in the loss of human life, be ...
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