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Questions tagged [dimensions]

Questions regarding the physics measurements of an object, such as length, width, and height.

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Do the dimensions match in Kepler's equation?

We know that Kepler's equation is $$M = E - e\sin E$$ Here, $e$ is the eccentricity, $M$ is the Mean anomaly and $E$ is the Eccentric anomaly. Now, the thing is- $M$ and $E$ are angles, which might ...
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Why will Starlink Gen2 be so big and heavy?

Apparently, the mass of a Gen2 Starlink satellite will be around 1 metric ton. It will also be too large to fit into a Falcon 9 fairing. Given that it's basically still a "flying router", ...
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Since we humans are't able to process any dimensions like 4D and 5D, the distance between stars and galexies appers to be too far away [duplicate]

For exmaple a living oraganism of 2D world is unable to perseive a 3D world. Similary, do humans have such limitations to perseive the further dimensions that 3D, that could results in wrong ...
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What is the Falcon 9 interstage used for?

What is the interstage used for, how big it is and is it deorbiting separately?
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CBM dimensions for docking rings, auxillary umbilicals, and passage are in both active and passive sides

I am trying to 3D print some models for imagined and actual space craft. I was wondering if anyone was aware of technical drawings or other documents that give shapes and dimensions of the elements of ...
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What determines rocket height/width?

I was wondering what determines the height/width ratio of a rocket? What are factors that influence the choice between a tall skinny rocket like Falcon 9 or a wider shorter (in ratio) like Ariane 5 or ...
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What is the geometric dimensions of turbo pumps present in SSME?

Here is a really well documented and detailed explanation of the SSME engine. Looking through this, one can notice that there are no details of the dimensions. I would like to know about the ...
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J-2 rocket nozzle length

The total length of the J-2 rocket engine is 133 inches, but what is its nozzle length from throat to exit?
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What are the rough dimensions of the ISS?

In about 2014, i was told the ISS was about the size of one American football field. In American football (not soccer), the field is 100-120 yards long by 53 yards wide. In 2016, some cub scouts ...
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Dimensions of the Curiosity Rover?

Does anyone know where I can find more detailed dimensions of the Mars Curiosity rover? For example, what are various dimensions of the boogie rocker system? Or the dimensions of the main body ...
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Artificial objects longer than 40 meters in space

The ISS with its 73m x 108m Integrated truss structure, apparently, is the largest (by dimensions) artificial object in space. I know about the Krab experiment which produced two self assembly rings ...
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