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Questions about a maneuver performed during launch where a rocket changes its inclination during the ascent phase.

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Most dog-legged launch?

There are enough questions about dogleg maneuvers that there is now a dogleg tag, but the definitive dogleg answer is @JakeBlockers (linked below) which includes images of a dogleg from Florida that ...
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Penalty for Neutron dog-legging from Wallops to synchronous?

From the April 15, 2021 Everyday Astronaut video A chat with Rocket Lab's CEO Peter Beck about Neutron, Electron recovery and Rocket Lab's future! linked below (mostly from closed captions, small ...
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Are there any dog-leg hot-spots? Where are dog-leg maneuvers used most frequently?

Dog-leg maneuvers are nicely explained in @JakeBlocker's excellent answer. If you go there now (and hopefully come back here) you can see a diagram of a dog-leg maneuver along with a comparison to an ...
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Which launch was the first to use a dogleg maneuver?

Jake Blocker's excellent answer to How does one dogleg from Florida to a sun-synchronous orbit? explains what a dogleg maneuver is, what it's for, what it looks like, and even what a real dog's leg ...
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How does one dogleg from Florida to a sun-synchronous orbit?

From NASA Spaceflight's article SpaceX Falcon 9 launches first NRO mission with NROL-76: The NROL-76 launch was not to be targeting a sun-synchronous orbit, typically used by the NRO’s optical ...
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What is the value of the cross-track angle between the two designated CRS-4 first stage recovery zones?

For the SpaceX Falcon 9 launch on its Dragon/CRS-4 cargo delivery mission to the International Space Station, according to Spaceflight 101, two downrange safety zones have been identified: The SpX-...
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