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Maneuvering thrusters used on SpaceX's Dragon and DragonRider capsules. This hypergolic thruster produces 90 lbs of force. Each Dragon capsule has 18 Draco thrusters.

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How many Draco engines does Dragon 2/Crew Dragon possess?

I believe Dragon 2 has the same number of 400N Draco thrusters that Dragon 1 has, which is 18, but I have not seen any confirmation of this. Dragon 1 appears to have them arranged in 2 sets of 4, and ...
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Can a SuperDraco engine help landing the SpaceX 1st stage?

I was thinking that placing RCS on the top of the rocket could help manouver it at low speed where the fins are useless. Than i read somewhere that cool gas propellant are not enough. But we know ...
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When SpaceX claims to build 4 engines/week, which engines do they mean?

In this Tweet (dated 11 Sept 2013) Peter de Selding reported that Gwynne Shotwell of SpaceX said: SpaceX's Shotwell: We're building 7 Falcon 9 fairings/yr now, 15 in 2014, & 4 engines/week ...
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