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Questions tagged [droneship]

Questions relating to the SpaceX Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship, or ASDS.

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Feasibility of landing all 3 Cores of the Falcon Heavy on Droneships [duplicate]

All of the Falcon Heavy launches up to now are either expending the Center core and landing the side boosters on land, or expending all of them (some examples: Falcon Heavy test flight, both boosters ...
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Feasibility of landing Starship's Super Heavy booster on a droneship

Recently, after IFT 3 of Starship Super Heavy, I went to ponder: Can SpaceX land their Super Heavy boosters on Autonomous Spaceport Droneships to get extra performance. Currently, it separates with ...
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What's the orbital inclination range Crew Dragons can reach if the Falcon 9 first stage is about to be recovered?

Inspiration4 was one of the very few orbital spaceflights in this century that didn't go to a space station. Yet, it reached an orbital inclination of 51.6°, same as the ISS. I believe this is due to ...
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How heavy is SpaceX's Octagrabber?

SpaceX's drone ships have a vehicle that drives under a booster after landing and then clamps onto it to secure it. Photos of it suggest that it has neither ballast nor any way to clamp onto the ...
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Is this Falcon 9 on a drone ship in Port Canaveral really on fire?

The Teslarati article SpaceX’s latest Falcon 9 booster returns to port as NASA hints at “vested interest” shows this tweet about booster number B1056 from Jennifer Krafft Photography: #SpaceX #...
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SpaxeX employees on the droneship when the booster lands?

SpaceX is doing a great job in recovering the boosters from its rockets. The Falcon Heavy has 3 boosters. 2 of which land at Cape Canaveral and 1 on a drone ship somewhere in the ocean. Are there ...
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What barge height limit warning sign is Scott Manley describing? (Falcon Heavy core fell into ocean)

In the beginning of Scott Manley's new video The First Commercial Lunar Spacecraft - 20 Years before Israel & Beresheet he takes a moment to talk about recent Falcon Heavy core falling off the ...
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What if anything makes launching a recovered SpaceX rocket from a drone ship implausible?

Since SpaceX lands their rockets on drone ships (aka ASDS, barges), I'm curious what if anything would prevent rockets from being relaunched from the ship. Obviously the ship would need ...
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What is the cause of this Falcon 9 first stage "dance" after landing?

Recently I watched a video on YouTube by Scott Manley: How To Do A Hoverslam - Things Kerbal Space Program Doesn't Teach. It deals about landing burns of Falcon 9 first stages. It features short clips ...
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How far from the launch site was the recovery drone for the center core of the Falcon Heavy test flight?

How far out to sea was the recovery drone Of Course I Still Love You for the Falcon Heavy test flight? In the future, if there's a Falcon Heavy night launch with a similar flight profile, I'm ...
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Would it be beneficial to land Falcon Heavy's side boosters on droneships too?

Although the synchronous landing of the Falcon Heavy side boosters looks impressive, they seem to have traveled a long way back to the landing zones. How does this ...
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8 votes
2 answers

What is the turnaround time for SpaceX's barges?

I believe that currently, SpaceX only has two landing barges - one in the Atlantic (Of Course I Still Love You (OCISLY)), and one barge in the Pacific (Just Read The Instructions (JRTI)). How long ...
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Has F9 landed on ships in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans?

Watching the CRS-11 hosted webcast starting at T -00:08:24 got me thinking about SpaceX launches on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the US. Have there been ...
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Why not use a rotorcraft drone or quadcopter using GPS navigation to live stream SpaceX booster landings on the droneship?

In droneship landings of SpaceX boosters, many times in live streaming, the video has stopped because of vibration in the droneship caused by the 1st stage landing of a Falcon 9 rocket. Would it be ...
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How does the SpaceX Falcon 9 first-stage straighten for landing?

I just saw this video of supposed "SpaceX Rocket Camera Landing Footage Fakery" with over a million views. The narrator repeatedly says it's complete garbage because he doesn't understand ...
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