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NOAA's & USAAF Deep Space Climate Observatory for monitoring space weather.

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Why did DSCOVR increase its pictures rate on February 3rd 2018?

On February 3rd for some reason NASA tuned up DSCOVR to send images of the Earth every 20min instead of the regular 2 hours interval. Last time they did this was for the great USA solar eclipse, in ...
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When will DSCOVR appear too close to the Sun for reliable downlinking?

DSCOVR is in a Lissajous orbit about the Sun-Earth L2 point. That the orbit is called Lissajous rather than halo means that it's periods of horizontal libration and vertical libration are not equal. ...
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Where are post-2017 EPIC images of Earth and the DSCOVR spacecraft coordinates available for download?

I tried to download orbital positions for the DSCOVR spacecraft in its Lissajous orbit around Sun-Earth L1 from JPL's Horizons web page but I was surprised to see the following! No ephemeris for ...
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