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How would Ingenuity handle Martian Storm and dust devils?

Martian storms are quite common and can sometimes encompass most of the planet. Though the density of the Martian air is low, the speeds are pretty high (some have observed 26 m/s). How would the ...
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Are launch windows to Mars avoided if they result in landings during dust storm season?

This comment suggests that orbit before descent to Mars' surface allows a mission to delay the landing if the weather conditions are bad. I think that Tianwen-1 will be the first to put a lander rover ...
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Did any lander or rover photograph the sun rising or setting during a Martian dust storm?

Mars Pathfinder photographed the setting sun, and University of Arizona Mars Pathfinder Imaging Team produced color corrected images (as they would appear to the human eye) like these This is a ...
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What, if any, effect does the Martian magnetic field have on dust storms?

Since we know most dust particles on Mars are magnetic, I was wondering if they might be affected by the Martian magnetic field. Can the Martian magnetic field have any effect on the spatial ...
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Is there any chance that Opportunity might still recover from the dust storm?

So, with today's announcement, Opportunity was basically declared dead When the dust storm originally engulfed Opportunity last year, mission scientists were hopeful that they might yet recover the ...
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How can I calculate the density of Mars' atmosphere during dust storms?

I have been searching to try to estimate the air density of the atmosphere on Mars during a dust storm. I am trying to use this dynamic pressure equation to calculate the pressure on a theoretical ...
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