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How to calculate earth's precession using JPL Horizons System?

I'm new to JPL Horizons and understanding how to use the tool efficiently. I'm looking to extract earth's precession data and understand where we are in the current cycle. I understand we progress 1 ...
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Positions of asteroids in heliocentric ecliptic (x,y,z) coordinates

I would like to make positions of asteroids in heliocentric ecliptic (x,y,z) coordinates plot for a given date, like in the image below (Matsuoka N. Ryo (CC-BY 4.0)). For that I need so-called state ...
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Does the Moon's orbit intersect the Earth's orbit around the Sun?

I know that the Moon's orbital plane makes an angle of 5 degrees with the Earth's orbital plane or the ecliptic. Also, the Moon's orbit intersects the Earth's orbital plane at two nodes - ascending ...
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Why does the Sun track out a seemingly sinusoidal path on the celestial sphere? [closed]

I know it's somehow related to the way things are projected but it hasn't quite clicked yet. The question arose because I wanted to understand the path of the eclipitic after reading about it here: ...
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Apollo PTC roll orientation and communication with earth

I have a 2 part question. With the Sun, Earth and Moon on the same plane, I do not understand the difference in heat distribution between perpendicular or parallel orientation with reference to the ...
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Solar system galactic velocity vector relative to ecliptic plane

The Solar system moves through the Milky Way galaxy with velocity of 230 km/s. The ecliptic plane is located ~60 degrees with relation to the galaxy plane, according to this source. The page also ...
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Does the Delta v to leave the entire solar system depend on its angle to the ecliptic?

Does the delta-v requirement change depending on the angle a craft is leaving the ecliptic? If a craft were to be leaving only a few degrees above the ecliptic, would it take less delta-v than if a ...
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Have there been any spacecraft with an ecliptic Earth orbit?

Have any spacecraft (manned or unmanned) orbited the Earth in the same plane as the Sun? (Please read the question carefully. It is not an orbit centered around the Sun, nor an equatorial orbit.)
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Ecliptic reference frame for satellite orbits in JPL Horizons

I'm trying to get orbital elements for natural satellites of all the plates with respect to their system's barycenters and I don't see how it is possible that using the ecliptic as a reference plane ...
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How to (correctly) rotate this data so the Ecliptic is in the XY plane?

When plotting orbits using the Python package Skyfield, the coordinates are barycentric ICRS. This puts the center of mass of the solar system at the origin, but the $\hat{z}$ axis is tilted about 23° ...
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Is Google Earth's view from space geometrically correct?

Google maps has a new (to me) feature, and it is pretty awesome! If you start at, switch to Earth view, and zoom all the way out, you get a view something like the one shown below. ...
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Why would Kepler’s pointing problems be minimized if aimed within the ecliptic?

Having read a few articles on the suggested new uses for the crippled Kepler space observatory with only two out of four functioning reaction wheels, several ideas suggest that Kepler’s pointing ...
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Would leaving the ecliptic plane offer any benefit to interstellar travel?

Aside from the obvious answer of being able to easily avoid the larger bodies in the Solar System. I'm primarily curious as to the mechanics of this endeavor -- would there be any benefit to ...
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