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What rocket uses the largest percentage of Fuel/Oxidizer before liftoff?

inspired by this question: How much propellant is used up until liftoff? which asks how much propellant (fuel/oxidizer) a typical rocket uses before liftoff. What has been or is the most non-typical ...
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Is using a variable Isp (constant power & acceleration) more efficient than a constant Isp when launching?

So after I wrote a particularly poorly received answer about variable specific impulse, based on discussion I read here, I realise I may have misinterpreted what was being discussed in that thread. ...
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Orbit to Orbit Transport Stage

Would it be faster or cheaper to have a lander, SSTO, and/or SpaceX Mars rocket to rendezvous connect with a more efficient engine or "transport stage" or another lander, SSTO? When the spacecraft ...
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