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Electric sails power consumption

According to Wikipedia, the E-sail consumes about 540 W ( But this consumption is continuous, and considering an engineering ...
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What are all the kinds of electric propulsion that don't qualify as ion propulsion in standard spaceflight lingo?

Comments on the meta question We have both electric-propulsion and ion-thruster tags, are they distinct? What would be good usage guidance for electric-propulsion? indicate that the term "...
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How much additional thrust could the electron gun produce for electric sail propulsion?

Suppose there is an electric sail in LEO, do the electrons coming out of the gun produce an additional thrust? to produce a net thrust the electrons should NOT return to the satellite (which is at a ...
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What is the maximum voltage of an Electric Sail?

Suppose we have an electric sail in LEO, how could one calculate the maximum voltage that could be sustained? It can't be infinite, there must be some limiting factors. Is there any ionization voltage ...
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