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Questions tagged [enviromental-control-system]

The environmental control systems (ECS) provides atmosphere control, water management and thermal control

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Is it possible to control the operation of the Hubble Space Telescope from ground stations?

Is it possible to manage the placement of the telescope mirror in a specific location through the operator, or do we have to randomly view the data reflected to the telescope ?
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Did the LiOH cartridges for the Space Shuttle cabin and spacesuit share the same shape?

In this answer, I explain how there were two contractors that made the environmental control systems and their lithium hydroxide cartridges during the Apollo program. Garrett AiResearch made the ECS ...
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Did any part of the Apollo 13 LiOH adapter return to Earth?

During Apollo missions, carbon dioxide expelled by the astronauts' breath was removed by lithium hydroxide cartridges in command module and lunar module. Apollo 13 infamously had a problem with ...
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Were more lunar module LiOH cartridges just a spacewalk away?

The modularized equipment stowage assembly (MESA) was a drawer in the base of the lunar module descent stage which stored equipment and supplies. The modularized equipment stowage assembly (MESA) ...
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How much nitrogen did Skylab and the Space Shuttle carry for atmosphere makeup?

This comment below Where there any spacecraft with nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere, but without a system for nitrogen replenishment? mentions: Both Skylab and shuttle had N2 tanks for atmosphere makeup. ...
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