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Questions regarding planets outside of Earth's solar system.

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Resonances and the seven sisters recently discovered

In reference to the discovery of seven planets around Trappist-1, I'm just wondering if any of these planets are in an orbital resonance and if that is the case, what the implications for habitability ...
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Future plans and advances for improved extrasolar planet imaging; has anything changed since 2019?

I have seen What is the state of the art of exosolar planet imaging in 2019? but answers there simply address the types and quality of images. Here I'd like to ask about plans for future technology to ...
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What fraction of stellar systems could/can Kepler and TESS search for planets?

Since Kepler and TESS search for exoplanets by their transit in front of their host stars, they can only find planets around stars whose ecliptic plane is nearly edge-on as seen from Earth. (Ref 1 &...
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Most accurate method to find exoplanets?

NASA has found thousands of exoplanets in space using their powerful telescopes. How exactly does NASA do so and what is the best method? I'm assuming that NASA uses some sort of sensor to detect ...
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Which of the upcoming space missions has the greatest chance of proving the existence of life on exoplanets?

Confirming the existence of life on other distant planets would be one of the greatest discoveries in our history. I believe that many space enthusiasts would love this to happen in the coming decades....
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