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Questions tagged [exoplanet]

Questions regarding planets outside of Earth's solar system.

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20 votes
2 answers

Are images of exoplanets' surfaces technically possible?

While already even taking an image of an extra solar planet sounds like science fiction to me, is it technically possible by what we know now to take also more detailed images of extraterrestrial ...
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How big is Earth's sphere of broadcast influence?

The question Interstellar eavesdropping points out that we have been broadcasting to space for a long time, currently we are approaching a century. This means every star system in within 100 light ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Is there a system for choosing the Prime Meridian on a given body/world?

According to the answer to this question, the 0° longitude of the Moon is that which points toward Earth. On Earth it goes through Greenwich (although I was amused to hear that the French disagreed), ...
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How to calculate density of unknown planet?

Having approached an unknown planet, a spaceship went in a low circular orbit. Would astronauts be able to determine the average density of the planets using only a watch
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3 answers

When will we have the technology to directly observe an exoplanet with significant clarity?

Are there currently any projects underway to develop a telescope which will have the ability to directly observe an exoplanet with any clarity? I don't mean blurry (yet impressive) images like this ...
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Can a meteor shower have a interval greater than 1 year?

Most meteor showers are yearly events. In the manga "SoSo no Frieren" the characters experience a meteor shower that happens only once every fifty years. The story does not take place on ...
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9 votes
6 answers

Technology for unmanned spacecraft to exoplanets

I am interested in the possibility of sending unmanned reconnaisance spacecraft to study exoplanets, especially Earth-like ones with the ultimate goal of detecting alien life. Certainly earth-based ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Would an interstellar exoplanet telescope make sense?

Since the transit method of detecting exoplanets requires perfect alignment of orbits, would a Kepler-type telescope yield more exoplanet detections if sent out of our solar system even to relatively ...
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2 answers

NASA just announced 715 new exoplanets were discovered, what do we know about them?

I have been trying to find information on how far away these new exoplanets are from Sol. Does anybody have a map or a table that shows their distance to us in light years. There only seem to be 100 ...
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Can we detect atmosphere on exoplanets?

We are finding new planets in other solar systems all the time. Some of them are in a habitable zone of their sun. Are we able to detect the atmosphere of any exoplanet? Is there any atmospheric ...
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Can we make super-massive Telescopes to image exoplanets?

This question has already been partly addressed here: When will we have the technology to directly observe an exoplanet with significant clarity? However, my question is focused more on the ...
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6 votes
4 answers

Are there any other Earth-like planets in the universe?

There are many galaxies in the universe. Is there any other Earth-like planet out there?
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1 answer

Exoplanet orbitable in permanent umbra?

Does any planet, or Kuiper Belt Object, or exoplanet measured or surmised, orbit its star either fast enough, or slow enough and thus distantly enough to cast a long enough shadow, for a spacecraft to ...
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What is the state of the art of exosolar planet imaging in 2019?

I have seen this question from 2013 asking if it's possible to take pictures of extrasolar planets. But I am wondering if anything has changed since then. Have we taken higher quality images of other ...
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Are exoplanets in the habitable zone suitable for human colonization?

If they found the those planets in the habitable zone, are they planning ahead for human settlement of them?
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What radio signals have NASA transmitted to outside our solar system?

What radio signal have NASA transmitted to outside our solar system and what did they contain?
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The gases of technology [closed]

Ask around and find out what gases, vapors, and/or fumes, in the atmosphere are the result of advanced technology. Then use a spectroscopy to look for those compounds in the atmospheres of earth like ...
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