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Was the nature of Explorer 3's orbit intentional?

A number of early spacecraft launched into orbits other than the intended one. For example, Explorer 1's apogee of 2550 km was much higher than intended, and Vostok 1's was too high to decay in the ...
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Were Jupiter-C's really given code names based on the word "Huntsville"?

In the video Explorer 1 Preparation and Launch around the ten-minute mark the narrator says: This particular Jupiter C, it’s serial number was 29, and that was coded in the missile. You see on the ...
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Physical characteristics of Explorer I whip antennas

What was the diameter of Explorer I's whip antennas, and what material were they made of? I am trying to write a simulation of the satellite's spin reorientation. The Smithsonian lists antenna ...
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How did "the kid" (John Meisenheimer) calculate that there was a wave in the jet stream and Explorer 1 would be okay to launch?

The tough but timely question NASA at sIxty years, will there be a new moonshot mandate? links to the NASA YouTube video NASA 60th: How It All Began which shows a lot of really nice, historical file ...
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