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An extra solar object is any object located outside of the Solar System.

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Why isn't "cylindrical alien derelict spacecraft" more common in theories of Oumuamua as an alien probe?

When the mysterious extrasolar object, named Oumuamua, was detected and characterized, the leading analysis of its signal strongly suggested that it was a long, cylindrical or cigar-shaped object. And ...
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Do/could we have a mission ready to go for unexpected extrasolar objects?

I was just learning about 2i/Borosov, which I guess was discovered in August but I only learned of it now. And I thought, if there were any comet we'd want to send a probe to, that would be the one, ...
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Rocky Planet around Proxima Centauri - how can we learn more about it?

Besides an epic millennium-long interstellar voyage by a probe, what can we possibly do to learn more about this rocky planet discovered around Proxima Centauri? I understand that we have some ...
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What kind of space telescope would be needed to detect oxygen in the atmosphere of a nearby extrasolar planet?

Would existing or upcoming telescopes (such as James Webb) be powerful enough to perform spectroscopy on an extra solar planet? Or would this require technology that is far beyond our current or ...
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Will New Horizons be able to tell if Pluto is from outside the Solar System?

Will the New Horizons space probe be able to discover whether Pluto is an extra solar body captured by our sun or not?
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The farthest man-made object [duplicate]

What is the man-made object which is currently the farthest from our planet? Where is it in this very moment?
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How many satellites/probes will or have travelled outside the solar system?

How many human made satellites/probes have been directed outside of our solar system (or are currently within the solar system which in time will travel outside)? Is there a source that shows ...
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How big is Earth's sphere of broadcast influence?

The question Interstellar eavesdropping points out that we have been broadcasting to space for a long time, currently we are approaching a century. This means every star system in within 100 light ...
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What was the first man made object to leave our solar system?

We have a lot of man made objects flying around the universe. Which one was the first one out of our solar system? How far away from the sun was it when it became "out of the solar system?
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Once lightyears out of the solar system, could you expect to get feasible propulsion with a solar sail?

It's been said before that a solar sail could be used for solar and extrasolar missions - if you aren't in a hurry. However, as you can't spell solar sail without the solar part, I'm wondering if you ...
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Are there any successors to Voyagers underway currently?

We've seen quite a few probes examining the Solar System in the recent years, but beyond Voyager delivering new measurements every couple months now, I haven't heard about any of the probes underway ...
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What is the first non-solar-system object Voyager 1 will run into?

I know that the farthest man-made object from Earth is Voyager 1, and was wondering if and when it will ever come relatively close to another star system, or some other object located outside the ...
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