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The F1 rocket engine was the primary engine for the Saturn program. Use with any appropriate rocket tags as needed.

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What was the longest Rocketdyne F-1 full power test?

This number is relevant to the issue of F-1 reusability, as it determines how many flights are required before serious work needs to be done. That is because LOX/Kerosene engines have coking problems ...
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How much did it cost to turnaround Rocketdyne F-1 test articles?

Despite being intended for an expendable vehicle, the F-1 was tested and rated for the equivalent of more than ten reflights. How much did it cost to turnaround the test articles between the firings?
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Could the Rocketdyne F-1 have been reused?

Assuming the engine is recovered on a platform at sea similar to SpaceX, could it be refurbished and reflown at a low cost? Would the coking, corrosion, and other problems be any worse than that in ...
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Why did the Soviet Union decide to use 30 small engines instead of a few large ones on the N1?

The N1 was a big disappointment after exploding on every single launch attempt. From what I have read, it seems like most of the attempts went wrong because one of the 30 engines exploded causing a ...
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Whats the exit pressure of the F-1 engine?

I cant find anything online, does anyone know what it is?
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Comparison of F-1 and RD-170 rocket engines

The F-1 was the most powerful single-nozzle engine ever flown and the RD-170 the most powerful multiple-nozzle engine ever flown. Both engines use kerosin and LOX. The NK-33 was a smaller engine using ...
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F1 engine turbopump

During the initial trials, the LOX pump part of turbopump of F1 engine had some problem with its vanes. They were damaging after approximately 110 seconds of operation. What was the problem and how ...
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