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What was the size of the SpaceX team in 2006?

I know a previous question has been asked for the team in 2008 (first successful launch of the Falcon 1). However, reading Ashlee Vance' s book on Elon Musk, I came accross this paragraph: With that ...
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Were SpaceX's early launches insured?

SpaceX's first three launches (of the Falcon 1) were failures, with the fourth launch being a success. Rockets are generally insured in order to protect the payload investment, but those three ...
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What is the reliability of the Merlin engine?

I know that Merlin is extremely reliable, at least over 99%. I do know of one time when one failed, on Falcon 9's fourth launch. SpaceX had used hundreds, if not thousands, of them. I assume there is ...
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What was the SpaceX Falcon 1 team size?

Virgin Orbit's LauncherOne has a team of 575 employees and the rocket needed 700 million USD investment. Falcon 1 is very similar in size and it required 90 million USD investments. Electron rocket is ...
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Cryogenic systems in kwajalein Island- Spacex- falcon 1

Is the LOX (liquid oxygen) required for the falcon-1 launch transported or produced? If transported, how? If produced, did they set up a cryogenic oxygen plant in Kwajalein?
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Why is heated Helium used for tank pressurisation in Falcon 1?

Here in Falcon 1 user guide, in table 2-1 in page 8, heated Helium is mentioned as used for tank pressurisation. What will be the temperature of such He and why is heated He used?
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Why did SpaceX retire Falcon 1?

Why did SpaceX retire Falcon 1? Wouldn't it have been more cost effective then Falcon 9 for lighter missions?
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Why couldn't the Falcon 1 flight 3 launch make it to orbit?

I've looked for better explanation, and all I can get is: Stage separation occurred as planned, but because residual fuel in the new Merlin 1C engine evaporated and provided transient thrust, the ...
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