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Is it ever normal to vent LOX from spacecraft with active engines? Isn't it a fire hazard?

This is regarding: "SpaceX Chief Executive Elon Musk says a propellant dump caused the destruction of the Starship upper stage" "Musk said the failure was linked to venting liquid ...
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Why isn't oil used for rockets? [closed]

Most people know that when you add oil to a fire, it grows rapidly and becomes more powerful. So, why isn't added into the propellant just before it comes out of the engine?
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Would replacing a damaged tank have prevented the Apollo 13 incident?

In Oct. 1968, at North American works, one Oxygen tank was dropped from a height of 2 inches, (perhaps on the fill valve side) and this dropping damaged the fill valve. Because of this, this ...
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What was the cause of the fire on the SpaceX Starship SN15

SpaceX Starship SN15 had a successful test flight and touchdown but a few minutes after it landed, a small fire was seen to break out next to the Fins. Why did this break out? What was the cause of ...
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AS 204 / Apollo 1 fire

I have read that the three astronauts lost their lives in the CM capsule, when fire broke out on the AS 204 / Apollo 1 launch trials, as they could not open the inside opening hatch because of ...
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Flying around on a fire extinguisher

It's in many movies... the astronaut grabs a fire extinguisher and uses it to propel themselves around. It's even in the Shuttle operations manual (2.2-9) "Consideration should be given to the ...
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Has a fire alarm/emergency at mission control interrupted operations?

As seems likely to be common practice, in the first attempt at SpaceX's Crew-Demo2 launch, key operators were instructed to remain at their posts in the event of a fire alarm, while others evaluated ...
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How was the flammability of Velcro addressed after the Apollo 1 fire?

In a spacecraft review meeting held with Shea on August 19, 1966 (a week before delivery [of Apollo 1]), the crew expressed concern about the amount of flammable material (mainly nylon netting and ...
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What happens after a crew finishes putting out a fire?

I was reading the question How do we use Fire Extinguishers to Control Fire in the Space Station? This got me thinking about how the crew would clean-up after a fire. How do they decide if the ...
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How do we use Fire Extinguishers to Control Fire in the Space Station?

In this NASA Webpage for Fire Prevention in Space, it is given that If a fire were to occur on the ISS, the astronauts would become firemen and follow a three-step response system. First, they would ...
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What would a candle flame look like in low gravity?

We know what the flame of a candle looks like on Earth in 1g and what it looks like in weightlessness. But do we have an idea of what it would look like in Lunar (0.166 g) or Martian (0.38 g) gravity? ...
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Would a liquid propellant fire in Mars' atmosphere cause charring?

If a ship carrying liquid propellant crashed on the surface of Mars, rupturing all tanks, I assume the propellant could ignite. If the propellant did ignite might it leave indications of charring on ...
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Why doesn't carbon fiber overwrapping in LOX catch fire? (watch this video first)

Sir Martyn Poliakoff, also CBE FRS and his team produce a fascinating series of Periodic Videos. In this one they team up with Smarter Every Day's Destin Sandlin to do high speed video of a piece of ...
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Could a person survive a vent of a compartment large enough to extinguish a fire?

Suppose there is a fire inside a large spacecraft, and there are crewmembers trapped inside. Is it possible to extinguish the fire by venting and then repressurizing the cabin, without killing the ...
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How are the US and Russian ventilation systems separated on the ISS?

A few days ago, a Russian water reclamation system took up smoking. The smoke that was produced traveled through the air ducts and was thus propagated throughout the station. According to the ...
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