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Why did the Firefly Alpha launch in September 2021 fail?

On 2nd September 2021, the Firefly Alpha launch failed. I have looked up why repeatedly, and have not found an answer. Their website says nothing about the reasons for failure only that it happened. ...
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What are the primary business challenges for Firefly Aerospace to capturing a large enough market share of the 1-ton payload market to be successful?

The recent CNBC video How Ex-SpaceX Engineers Are Fueling The Space Race With Firefly (linked below) is worth a watch, and notes include the following: a team comprised of industry veterans, Firefly ...
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What fire will Firefly fly, and when? (update/clarification on planned launch vehicle)

This answer from 2017-Dec-03 says: Firefly Aerospace will use an (annular) aerospike engine with their Alpha rocket. They have a planned launch in 2018. The linked Wikipedia article shows this (...
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Is it possible to cluster aerospike rocket engines?

I do not mean multiple combusters as in the linear aerospike. I mean place multiple aerospikes next to each other. Imagine a Falcon 9 or Saturn V with aerospikes instead of conventional bell nozzles. ...
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Disposition of the Oxidizer Tank in Rockets with Autogenous Pressurization

A little while ago, Ars Technica did a big story on the Firefly rocket under development. A ...
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